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“Less is more” - the new normal post Covid-19

Earlier this year, we published an article featuring our lighting predictions for 2020. We were predicting some gorgeous, bold and experimental interior design trends in the world of interior lighting. Well, guess what? We were a bit off the mark. We did not predict COVID-19! We found ourselves in total lockdown just a few weeks after publishing our predictions article. A shared experience for all that was odd for want of a better word.

We now find ourselves heading into the final quarter of 2020, trying to navigate our “new normal”. How will we enjoy evenings out? How will we entertain family and friends? How do we return to work? How do we help children return to school? And so on…The world has changed immeasurably. Could less really be more?

The new trend for working from home has allowed many of us to save on the time and expense of travelling to work. Are we going to cherish our saved time and our saved cash? We think so. We will buy less but invest in superior quality, enjoy fewer “occasions”, make the most of them, and consider our purchases a bit more.

The Lighting House has recently completed a series of major lighting projects for Everyman Cinema venues: Chelsea, Wokingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Broadgate, Horsham, Crystal Palace, York, Altrincham, Downshire Hill, and there are more in the pipeline for 2021!

If you have not heard of Everyman Cinema, you are in for a real treat. The Everyman brand delivers high-quality lifestyle experiences for cinema-goers. The audience is thoroughly pampered with gorgeous restored venues with exquisite interior design. Stuffy cinema seats have been swapped for luxurious soft sofas, and you can even enjoy wine and pizza at your seat. We think this model will be very well received post-COVID-19.

We visit cinemas less frequently, but when we do, we want the good grand experience and not to be shoehorned into cold and characterless theatres.

In our next blog post, we will share many more juicy details of our design project for Everyman Cinemas.

Thank you for reading, and many best wishes

Trudie – The Lighting House

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