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Lighting Up 2020

2020 interiors will be full of sophisticated Victorian elegance and tasteful modern swag. We are experimenting with colours on our walls that have not been seen together for some time: deep blues, sharp golden yellows, refreshing olive green, and splashes of neon pink. Patterns are also making a huge comeback as we see interior designers breaking all the usual rules, clashing patterns and textures right, left and center.

The Lighting House has worked on lighting installation projects for Cinemas, Hotels and Restaurants. Let’s take a look at some of our recent style inspirations.

2020 Lighting Trends: Chandelier Chic

Classic elegant lighting designs with a modern twist. These sparkly classic oversized chandeliers look super chic when combined with a modern, dark and moody interior. This is a glamorous look with a very stylish implementation. This versatile chandelier chic look will impact a large space like an entrance lobby and can make a bedroom cosy.

2020 Lighting Trends: LED Takes The Lead

In complete contrast to the chic chandelier look, we predict more use of modern LED lighting. This LED geometric lighting design uses a sequence of straight lines that draws the eye along the space and becomes integral to the room’s interior design.

2020 Lighting Trends: Retro All The Way

If modern LED lines or detailed sparkly chandeliers are not for you, then consider the Retro lighting look. Retro and industrial inspiration has been with us for a while, and in 2020 we will be using these lighting styles more confidently and with more refinement.

2020 Lighting Trends: Soft Metallic Sculptures

Soft metallic looks such as gold and copper are used here to create stunning sculpted feature lighting. The eye-catching free-form approach makes a bold statement with very little fuss.

The Lighting House work closely with professional interior designers and lucky homeowners to create inspirational light fill spaces. The Lighting House has worked on projects for Langston Hotel, Richoux Restaurant, and Everyman Cinemas and recently featured on George Clark’s TV show – Old House, New Home.

Please get in touch with The Lighting House to discuss your next interior design project.

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Lighting Up 2020
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